360° Painting®: Burlington’s Leading House Painters

Searching for the best house painters to tackle your painting needs? Look no further than 360° Painting Burlington, the area’s leading provider of professional painting contractors. 360° Painting Burlington is the leading provider of professional house painters to the greater Burlington area. Following the blueprint of the 360° Painting name and formula, every house painter working for 360° Painting Burlington delivers a superior painting experience. That experience is characterized by our unwavering dedication to exacting work and firm commitment to the best customer service experience available.

The 360° Painting Burlington Experience

At 360° Painting Burlington, we are proud of excellent reputation. For years our house painters have been providing the best painting experience in the area. Our house painters are proficient in various painting methods, ranging from using brushes to rollers to spray techniques as necessary. We use only the highest quality paints from Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and other premium name brands. Due to our remarkable track record and confidence in our house painters’ abilities, we guarantee every job we complete for a full two years. With our precision and skill, you simply will not find a more professional team of house painters than the team from 360° Painting Burlington.

Our House Painters Follow a Unique Process

Much of the 360° Painting reputation for success and quality is due to our signature 20 Step Process. For both exterior and interior projects, our house painters adhere to this process diligently. Mapping out the project from the moment you provide us with your preferred paint colors and types, our house painters will carry the job from beginning to end by sticking to a carefully designed path of action. After executing the work with a strong attention to detail, our painters will review their own work and spot touch any necessary areas to ensure the best possible final result.

Your Complete Satisfaction

Our house painters understand that meeting or exceeding every homeowners’ goal is our top priority. This is reflected in the final step of our process, which is a final walk through with you to ensure we have completed the work to your absolute satisfaction. No 360° Painting Burlington project is considered complete until each home owner signs off on our work. Our house painters look forward to serving you!

For more information and a complimentary consultation, call 360° Painting Burlington today at (336) 792-5600.