Calgary – Exterior Painting: What Calgary Homeowners Should Know

At 360° Painting Calgary, our exterior painters are trusted by homeowners throughout the Calgary region for our exterior painting experience and expertise. We know that a new exterior coat of paint for your home can be tough to get right, especially if you’re not sure where to begin on your project. To help, our exterior painters put together a short guide to repainting your home in the Calgary area.

Exterior Painting and the Calgary Climate

Most people think of a fresh coat of paint as a “looks first” upgrade. But exterior paint is about more than just your home’s appearance. Exterior paint offers an invaluable barrier between your home’s siding and the elements — something that is especially important when you live in a place like Calgary. With our hot summers and harsh, windy winters, Calgary homeowners need exterior paint that’s as resilient as we are. So before starting on an exterior painting project, Calgary homeowners should speak with their exterior painter about which paint types will stand up best against Calgary’s summer and winter weather.

When to Repaint Your Home in Calgary

Homeowners in Calgary often ask the exterior painters at 360° Painting Calgary how soon they should expect their home to need a new coat of paint. This will depend on the type of siding your home is made of and the type of paint you choose. Certain types of paint require you to paint every three years. Better quality paint can allow you to go longer.

Calgarians also ask our exterior painters about the best time of year for exterior painting. We recommend a temperate month, in either the spring, summer or early fall. This is because colder temperatures can thicken or freeze paints, rendering them unusable.

Finding Exterior Painters in Calgary

When Calgary homeowners are considering exterior painters for a residential painting project, here are some of the things they should look out for:

  • In-Person Estimates. Make sure that you receive an accurate quote and have all your questions answered by choosing from painters who offer free, in-person estimates.
  • High-Quality Paints. To get attractive, resilient results, Calgary homeowners should partner with exterior painters who source their paints from trusted, high-quality brands.
  • A Proven Process. Smooth surfaces, crisp edges, and color clarity come from careful prep and application of exterior paint, so choose a contractor or company that offers a proven painting process.

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