360° Painting® Calgary: Professional Interior Painting Services

Interior room painted blue
If you are seeking to improve your home’s interior look and feel with new paint, 360° Painting Calgary is your leading local provider of excellent interior painting services.

360° Painting Calgary is the leading provider of excellent interior painting services to the greater Calgary area. We have an innate understanding of the importance of any home’s interior painting work, both for your family and guests. With every interior painting job we complete, we aim to play our small, but essential role in helping you design the optimal atmosphere and environment for your home.

Our 20 Step Process for Interior Painting

Following our signature 20 Step Process, the painters at 360° Painting Calgary are dedicated to upholding our commitment to quality and dedication to performing exacting work. Our intense attention to detail and absolute professionalism set us apart from other painting professionals and we look forward to delivering those qualities to your home. The 360° Painting 20 Step Process drives our work. Through it we successfully deliver consistently excellent interior painting services. We serve Calgary-area homeowners by utilizing the steps in every single painting job we perform. The 20 Step Process is designed as a customized approach for each home owner we serve. It maps out the entire project from beginning to end with precision and an exacting quality delivery. It has proven to be our signature because of its effectiveness and our clients’ consistent satisfaction with our work.

Once you have selected your paint colour and finish type, we will begin preparation for our painting work. While we leave the valuables to you, 360° Painting Calgary handles the rest of the preparation work on your behalf. We will move all of your furniture to the center of each room and protect it with plastic. Our interior painting professionals will also perform any minor carpentry repairs necessary to guarantee a uniform finish. From rollers to brushes to spray, our painting crews are experienced in a variety of painting techniques and will apply the most appropriate method for each room and area of your home.

Once we have reviewed our own work and have completed any spot touches, we will conduct a final walk through with you to ensure we have completed the work to your absolute satisfaction and happiness. Your sign off on our work is our number one goal. 360° Painting Calgary earns much of its interior painting business off of referrals, and we look forward to earning yours!

Call 360° Painting Calgary today at (403) 208-8015 for your free written estimate and to learn more about our interior painting services.