How to Choose the Best Paint Colour

You’ve had that itch for months now. Something just isn’t quite right in the living room. The front door is so faded it belongs better in a weather-beaten lighthouse. Your teenage daughter no longer wants a Disney-themed bedroom. The kitchen walls do not match the updated cabinets.

Whatever the reason, the time has come to paint. You’ve already done the easy part, calling your local 360° Painting for a quote, and depending on their reliable, professional and committed service. It’s easy to give 1-866-99-PAINT a call.

But here comes the hard part: choosing a paint colour. There are so many options, so many brands, so many home-improvement shows, so many people ready to give you their advice; how do you sort through the noise to find the perfect colour for you and your home? Here are a couple tips to consider when choosing the best colour:

  1. Tie the colour into the rest of your home.

Let’s say your living room is drab and needing an upgrade. You’d like to re-do the living room walls but want to maintain the overall flow of the house. Using a paint palette can be useful in a situation like this. If you’d like to coordinate with the existing colours in your home, dig up old paint samples to see if you can find the names of the original colours. Or, if you’d like a whole new look, decide on a palette for the whole house. Both PPG and Sherwin-Williams have professional palettes available for download; Sherwin-Williams groups colours by “collection” and allows you to build your own palette, or a quick Google search reveals many websites with creative palettes.

  1. Accent an already-existing colour in your home.

You’ve just bought a new bedspread that you love and now you want to update your bedroom and bathroom to highlight your elegant bedspread. Matching colours can be tricky work but thanks to tools like the PPG Virtually Paint a Room and , you can upload a photo and the software not only matches the selected colour (whether it’s the whole bedspread or just a small detail!) but also provides a related palette. Sherwin-Williams even has ColourSnap Visualizer app that you can download and use to match colours from anywhere; the whole world can be your palette.

  1. Update your home with a new trend.

Maybe you’re too busy or just not up to creating a whole-new design scheme in your home. Thankfully, there are many ideas, in many different styles, out there! Some ways to quickly browse through colour and design schemes include following 360 Painting Instagram (360_painting) where we post some of our favourite, coolest, paint trends. Additionally, paint websites like Sherwin-Williams, PPG and Benjamin Moore, have inspiration catalogues, organized by room or paint colour, which can help you formulate your dream home.

  1. Visualize the paint-transformation.

Fortunately, you don’t need to have to be able to see the future in order to test out your new colour scheme. With Sherwin-Williams Colour Snap Visualizer or PPG’s Virtually Paint a Room, you can paint individual walls in uploaded photos of your room; curious about having an accent wall? Wanting to compare matching your rug versus matching you bedspread? Always wanted to paint your bathroom a spa-like colour? These tools are the best ways to digitally test your ideas before 360° Painting physically turns your house into your dream home.