Tips for Exterior Painting in Fort Worth

Giving your home a fresh coat of exterior paint is an excellent way to add value to your home and protect siding from the elements. As Fort Worth’s trusted exterior painters, the team at 360° Painting® Fort Worth has helped countless homeowners achieve long-lasting, eye-catching results when repainting their homes. To help you make informed decisions about your next painting project, we put together the following tips for exterior painting in the Fort Worth area.

Exterior Painting and the Fort Worth Climate

Heat is the biggest limiting factor when it comes to exterior painting in Fort Worth. Temperatures over 85° F can cause certain types of paint to dry too quickly, making it difficult to achieve a seamless finish and increasing the chances of bubbling or flaking paint. The high precipitation that Fort Worth receives in May and October can also interfere with exterior painting. As a result, the best time of year to paint your home’s exterior in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is between late fall and early spring, when temperatures are mild and chances of precipitation are lowest.

If you need to repaint your home during the hotter months, we recommend speaking with the exterior painters at 360° Painting Fort Worth about how to best manage heat-related issues.

The Right Brand and Color of Exterior Paint

Choosing the right brand and shade of paint is just as important as choosing the right exterior painter for your project. The biggest factor in choosing exterior paint in Fort Worth is planning ahead for the sun. The UV exposure brought about by heavy sunshine causes paint to deteriorate and lose color more quickly than paint exposed to minimal sunlight.

To counteract these problems, the exterior painters at 360° Painting Fort Worth recommend choosing from lighter shades and discoloration-resistant paint formulas. Discoloration will be less noticeable in lighter shades of paint and different formulas of paint stand up better to UV exposure than others. Our exterior painters offer detailed consultations free of charge to potential clients, providing expert advice when you’re choosing paint for your home.

Finding Exterior Painters in Fort Worth

If your home isn’t properly prepped before painting, or if paint is carelessly applied, you might end up having to redo the entire job. Poor prep or paint application can lead to issues like weak paint-to-surface adhesion, messy edges, drips, inconsistent coloration, and a host of other problems. To avoid these issues, we recommend that Fort Worth homeowners partner with professional exterior painters.

One of the ways that 360° Painting Fort Worth ensures high-quality results on every job is our exterior painting process. This meticulous, step-by-step approach covers every aspect of a successful painting project. With this approach, we’re able to promise your complete satisfaction every time you work with our exterior painters.

Contact the exterior painters at 360° Painting Fort Worth today to schedule a free, in-person consultation and estimate. Call 1-866-99-PAINT or just click the “Schedule a FREE Estimate” button to get started.