Black Goes With Everything

This custom spray painted door adds elegance to this entrance. The other doors and trim could be a brighter white instead of cream for a more dramatic contrast, but it still matches.

Lighting and Colour

A yellow light as in this kitchen can change the look of this room. Both the table and light don’t match this beautifully finished kitchen. That table could be stained very easily to a darker colour and the light could be replaced with a brighter white assembly. Simple fixes to make this gorgeous space even…

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Black, White and Grey

Timeless shades of my favourite colours (Black, white, grey) work for long periods of time and can always be complimented with pops of colour from pictures or pillows etc. If you only paint every 10 years, then trust this strategy, and use a professional to make it look professional. Amortized over 10 years, a paint…

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How to Choose the Best Paint Colour

You’ve had that itch for months now. Something just isn’t quite right in the living room. The front door is so faded it belongs better in a weather-beaten lighthouse. Your teenage daughter no longer wants a Disney-themed bedroom. The kitchen walls do not match the updated cabinets. Whatever the reason, the time has come to paint.…

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If you’ve just read a home design magazine and saw some real neat wallpaper or paint colours, and you are pondering to try it in your home, I suggest you try it in a small room first. These designs do make an awesome statement, but they may become tiresome, and redoing a small room is…

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What Sheen Do You Use For Crown or Tray Ceilings?

There are so many homeowners choosing to install crown on ceilings, or going all out and doing tray ceilings. What sheen should you go with? If you are looking to show off or make the trim the draw for the eye, then semi-gloss in a bright white can definitely achieve this, however, if you want…

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In this newly painted and renovated home, there are many items in a small space. Things I like in this home are quite endless, however; the installed crown moulding, neutral paint and hardwood floors create a warm feel, but the lamp and table are not necessary. There is ample lighting with pot lights and chandelier.…

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Trusted Professional House Painters for the Whitby Area

When you need to repaint your home’s interior or exterior, it can be easy to put the project on the backburner. After all, there’s a lot that goes into a successful painting project. Simply choosing the right colours can seem overwhelming — never mind the hard work of actually applying the paint itself. Luckily for…

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Quality Residential and Commercial Painting

It was an inferior home decorating job that got Bill Bath interested in starting a business offering quality painting services. He approached the endeavour systematically, researching all aspects of the painting industry and making some interesting discoveries in the process. “The painting industry is very large, but is mostly made up of fly-by-night painters,” he says.“There’s no…

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