360° Painting® Kansas City: Exterior Painting Experts


Looking to spruce up your home’s exterior with a brand new coat of paint? 360° Painting Kansas City is your local exterior painting expert.

Your home is your most valuable asset. Little can improve its appearance or increase its value and curb appeal like a new exterior painting job. At 360° Painting Kansas City, our house painters understand how important your home is to you. That’s why you can count on our exterior painting teams for the highest quality services available. Our attention to the most minute details and our professional work ethic ensures your needs will be met or exceeded. 360° Painting Kansas City guarantees each of our exterior painting jobs. We aren’t done until you are 100% satisfied.

20-Step Process for Superior Exterior Painting Results

At 360° Painting Kansas City, we understand that every home and exterior painting job is specific and unique and requires a specific and unique approach. That is why we have developed a 20-Step Process designed to meet and exceed your needs. It is built around customizing the work to your home’s unique needs so we can create the most efficient path to success at the end of the project. 360° Painting has a distinct understanding of our clients’ exterior painting needs and it shows in all of our results in the Kansas City area. This begins with offering our input when picking out your paint colors and the type of paint that will be used. Once we have settled on the best plan of action, we will then work to ensure all of your exterior furniture, plants, grills, and other outdoor items are protected. We also perform a variety of other tasks to ensure the best exterior painting results. Those include:

  • Removing all shutters
  • Washing the house
  • Scraping and sanding the surface to remove all of the old paint
  • Putty and caulk all cracks, voids, and holes
  • Make any minor required carpentry repairs at no extra charge

360° Painting Kansas City uses the right tools during each stage of the exterior painting process. Our exterior painting teams will use brushes, rollers, spray techniques, and other tools to ensure the best and most long lasting finish. We paint and replace all shutters upon completion of the home’s painting job. We then perform our own final inspection of the home to make any final adjustments and ensure the project’s completed to our high standards. Finally, we complete a final walk through with you to ensure your complete and total satisfaction. At 360° Painting Kansas City, no exterior painting job is completed until our customers say it is.

If you live in Johnson, Jackson or Platte County, 360° Painting Kansas City can meet all your exterior painting needs. 360° Painting is the leader in exterior painting services for the Kansas City area. Call us today at (913) 416-1880 for more information.