Questions to Ask an Interior Painter in Kansas City

freshly painted sunroom with beige walls

When it comes to choosing the right interior painter for your Kansas City-area home, you may not be sure where to start. Ideally, every interior painter would tell you exactly what services are included in their quote, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of questions an interior painter should be able to answer to your satisfaction before they begin work in your Kansas City-area home.

How Will You Prepare My Home for Painting?

An interior painter may, understandably, ask you to remove your personal belongings and wall hangings before painting begins. They should, however, be in charge of moving your furniture and protecting it from getting splattered with paint. Your interior painter should also be able to repair any cracks, holes, or voids in your walls to ensure a uniform finish on every wall in your Kansas City-area home.

Will You Use Primer? Why or Why Not?

Your interior painter should have the knowledge and experience to know exactly when your Kansas City-home does or does not require primer. Generally, primer is a good idea if you are drastically changing the color of your walls, you are painting over new drywall or raw wood, or you are painting over an oil-based paint.

How Many Coats of Paint Will You Apply?

If your interior painter is using high-quality paint, two coats of paint should be enough. Usually, two coats will give you the coverage needed to even out imperfections in your walls and will result in a longer-lasting and more scrub-resistant finish. If your walls require a third coat of paint not specified in your interior painter’s initial quote, your painter should be in charge of covering the additional coats.

Do You Guarantee Your Services?

Not all interior painters in the Kansas City area will guarantee their services, but it’s worth it to find a painter who will. An interior painter who guarantees their service tells you that they use high-quality materials, and that they have confidence their service will last for the guaranteed period of time.

At 360° Painting® Kansas City, you can count on our interior painters to take create care when painting your home. We move all furniture and cover surfaces and floors with drop cloths for protection. We use primer when needed and always rely on top quality paints from Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore. Our estimates include a clear and complete description of the work to be completed and we back each job with a 2-year guarantee.

For an interior painter with the right answers to all of the above questions, contact 360° Painting Kansas City today at (913) 416-1880. We proudly serve Kansas City and communities in Johnson, Platte and Jackson Counties.