How to Make Interior Painting Easier

Did you know that color accounts for over 60% of your response to an object or a place? This could explain why you may find yourself uncomfortable in some places and at ease in others. Interior painting is the easiest and most cost-effective way of changing the look of a room. With that in mind, here’s a guide on how to paint the home yourself, how to hire a professional painter and insight on 360 Painting’s services.

Don’t be intimidated by color!   With many shades to choose from, you may be intimidated by the task of picking the correct color. Spend some time with the color wheel to see what you like. You could be finding yourself gravitating to one side of the cycle (say warm orange and reds) or the other (cool blue and greens). Whatever the case, choose the color according to the mood you want to create in the room and/or current trends.  For more on colors, see How to Choose your Interior Paint Colors.


First, prepare a painting kit.  It should include a putty knife, pair of plastic gloves (or two), sand paper, drywall mud, drop cloth, roll of plastic, primer, assorted paint brushes, paint roller and roller covers, masking tape, old rags for splatters and spills, as well as an extension ladder. This ladder will help reach to the ceiling and lofty places without splattering paint all over your clothes.
Here some painting Do-It-Yourself tips for you in a nutshell:

  • Undertake a thorough visual inspection
  • Prep areas of concern using putty knife, drywall mud and sandpaper
  • Protect anything you wouldn’t like painted using drop cloths, plastic, and tape
  • Use a primer on new drywall and drywall repairs
  • Use premium quality paint that has been freshly and thoroughly mixed
  • Remove outlet covers and light switches
  • Paint from the top to the bottom.

Hiring a Professional Painter

Picture this, you wish to get a fresh coat of paint but you are pressed for time — you’ve got deadlines to meet, the family reunion is fast approaching… What to do when every time you look at the old paint you cringe? You hire a pro.

Here are tips to help you hire a painting contractor that will provide quality services:

  • First, get quotes from different contractors – ensure that the quote is for the same work. Make sure the quote specifies the project details, quality of the paint, gloss level and warranty.
  • Ask if the contractor is insured and seek proof.
  • Also, ensure he or she is licensed and listed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau).
  • Go for a painting contractor that has a high rating and reviews to back them up.
  • Inquire about warranty protection – how long does the warranty cover the project? Is it in writing?
  • Get recommendations and check reviews/ feedback from past clients. It won’t hurt to spare a few minutes to hear what others have to say about the quality of the service. Most professional companies are happy to submit contact information from a previous client for a personal reference.
  • What makes their service exceptional? Do they offer color coordination services? Free consultations or a follow-up?

For exceptional quality consider 360 Painting they specialize in interior and exterior, residential and commercial painting services in the Cumming, Milton, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Buford, Suwanee as well as other areas of North Metro Atlanta. They provide timely and high-quality services with superb craftsmanship and at a reasonable price. Unlike other painting contractors, 360 Painting Services features a 20-step process to ensure that you get nothing but the best service. Quality is guaranteed.