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I sincerely recommend 360

My father in-law had his house painted by 360. He is a very copious individual being a professional engineer by trade before he retired. He explained that 360 estimated each side of the house for a total estimate. When his job was completed he showed me his house and how pleased he was with the coverage and the color of the paint once it dried. After listening to him go on about how pleased he was, I knew who I wanted to paint my house even though I am married to his daughter! The execution of the work and the organization was incredible. Once completed, they will walk each square foot of the project to make sure you are satisfied. They are competive in price and have quality project managers to make sure job gets done on time and within budget. I sincerely recommend 360 to either friends or family.
– SINCERELY, David Horning 308 Palace Green Cary,NC

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