The Homeowner’s Guide to Exterior Painting in Raleigh

A new coat of exterior paint for your home does three important things: it protects the siding, improves the appearance, and adds value. But if you’re a first-time homeowner, new to the Raleigh area, or haven’t been satisfied with past painting contractors, you might be wondering what you should look for when hiring an exterior painter in the Raleigh area. To help, the exterior painters at 360° Painting® of the Triangle have made this short guide to exterior painting in the Raleigh area.

Exterior Painting and the Central NC Climate

The central North Carolina climate is fairly forgiving to exterior paint. Unlike coastal North Carolina, Raleigh homes don’t have to contend with winds from off the Atlantic, which can quickly erode exterior paint by depositing salt on siding. But that doesn’t mean North Carolina homes are entirely in the clear. Our climate can still do damage to paint and siding. Thanks to warm and humid temperatures, Raleigh homes can be susceptible to mold, which exterior paint protects against. To prevent mold growth, you should hire an exterior painter as soon as you spot cracks or holes in your home’s exterior paint.

Best Time of Year to Paint

Because of our temperate winters, exterior painting can generally be performed year-round in the Raleigh region. That said, Raleigh’s hottest months and coldest can cause problems for an exterior painting project. Latex paint should typically be applied between 50° and 85° F, while oil paint can handle temperatures of 40° to 90° F. Any hotter or colder and paint may dry too quickly or too slowly. Because of this, the spring and fall are ideal times to repaint a home in central North Carolina.

Choosing an Exterior Painter in the Raleigh Area

Finding the right exterior painter can be tough for Raleigh-area homeowners if you’re not sure what to look for. To help make the search easier for homeowners in Wake Forest, Neuse, Rolesville, Millbrook, and Raleigh, the exterior painters at 360° Painting of the Triangle have assembled this list of four key qualities you should look for in an exterior painting contractor or painting company.

  1. Free Estimates. Avoid “consultation fees” and contractors who are unwilling to provide an estimate in person.
  2. Quality Paints. Your exterior painter should offer high-quality paints that provide smooth, consistent, and resilient results.
  3. A Proven Process. When it comes to exterior painting, long-lasting results depend on meticulous prep and paint application.
  4. Customer Service. Look for reliable turnaround time, strong online reviews, and the promise of your satisfaction.

Raleigh homeowners will find all four of these qualities and more when they partner with our exterior painters. To get started, simply contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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