Meet the Owner of 360° Painting® Taunton

360° Painting Taunton is owned and operated by Emanuel “Manny” Sousa. Manny has been involved in the construction and home improvement business since he was a boy, helping his father build homes from the ground up. In 2017, Manny put his experience, his expertise, his skills, and his passion for painting into his own painting company, bringing the 360° difference to homeowners in Taunton, Westport, Raynham, Dartmouth, and Berkley, MA.

Manny’s Background

Manny got his start in the home improvement business early, working with his dad on construction projects from the age of eight onward. Though he started with small jobs, Manny took on a bigger role as he grew older, helping build homes from the foundations up. Manny became experienced with all aspects of construction, helping with foundations, framing, roofing, insulation, plumbing, plastering, and — of course — painting.

For Manny, painting was always the favorite part of any construction project. It was a passion that would drive him to open his own painting company right here in Taunton, a move that Manny says he was made for. “Needless to say, I was born to paint.”

The 360° Painting Difference

Once he had decided to open his own painting company in Taunton, Manny was immediately drawn to the 360° Painting model, impressed by its professionalism, its systematic approach, and its focus on customer satisfaction. In opening 360° Painting Taunton, Manny has brought the 360° difference to Southeast Massachusetts. As a 360° Painting company owner, Manny has put America’s premier painting system to work for homeowners in the Taunton area.

Through 360° Painting Taunton, local homeowners and business owners benefit from premium-quality paints, eye-catching finishes, and our 20-Step Process. Every project is led from start to finish by Manny, starting with an in-depth color and finish consultation, and finishing only once you’ve voiced your total satisfaction.

Get Started with 360° Painting Taunton

Ensure your next painting project is a success with help from Manny and the team at 360° Painting Taunton. Our painting company proudly serves homeowners and businesses throughout the Taunton area, bringing a professional’s touch to residential and commercial paint jobs. Get started today by booking a free, in-person consultation and estimate.

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