Ann Arbor – Additional Painting Services

Companion Painting Services for Your Home or Business

360° Painting services include skilled repair, maintenance and surface preparation related to painting for Ann Arbor homeowners, property managers and commercial customers.

Our additional painting services are designed to help you maintain, protect and adorn your home or business.

360° Ann Arbor Painting Services

While we’re out painting the interior or exterior of your home or business, consider other items that may need paint or stain to protect and maintain them.

Painting Services FAQs

Q: How do you prepare the surfaces of my walls / ceilings for painting?

A: We’ll repair nail holes, worn joints or nail pops, and clean surfaces or seal stains as needed. Most jobs require a light scuff-sanding. We have years of experience repairing drywall damage and will include that in our bid.

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Q: What preparation is done before my house painting begins?

A: Typically, we’ll pressure wash the exterior surfaces to be painted – removing dirt and debris. Next, we’ll check for peeling paint to be scraped and/or sanded down, and caulk in the proper gaps and cracks in the wood. An appropriate primer is selected and applied to any bare wood before final coats begin.

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We work with a wide range of stain and paint products and materials to fit your needs, style and budget. We’ll offer expert advice on choosing colors and the right products for your project.

Schedule your free estimate for painting services with 360° Painting Ann Arbor for a detailed bid the same day we meet with you.