Exterior Painters in Auburn Hills

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Add value to your home with 360° Painting® Auburn Hills.

Nothing makes a bigger difference on an exterior painting project than a professional’s trusted touch. That’s why so many homeowners in the Auburn Hills area turn to the pros at 360° Painting Auburn Hills for their exterior painting needs. Our exterior painters work closely with homeowners to ensure eye-catching results on any exterior painting project. With our range of premium paints, our proven painting process, and our customer-focused approach, our exterior painters make it easy to add new value and beauty to any home in the Auburn Hills area.

Planning Your Exterior Painting Project

When you’re planning an exterior painting project, the decisions you make early on can have a big impact on the final result. A professional can be a big help when making these types of decisions. Whether you’re trying choose the right formulation of paint for your home’s style of siding, picking a color that will look great and age well, or choosing an eye-catching accent, an experienced professional painter will be your best resource. That’s why the exterior painters at 360° Painting Auburn Hills work closely with homeowners before starting work, providing expert advice as needed during the planning stages of your project.

Auburn Hills’ Trusted Exterior Painters

At 360° Painting Auburn Hills, we take pride in being one of the area’s most trusted exterior painters. Thanks to our methodical, step-by-step painting process, we offer a level of quality and consistency offered by few other painting contractors. Before we apply a single brushstroke of paint, our team will inspect your home’s exterior, protect all outdoor belongings, and perform any necessary work to prep the exterior for painting. After that, we apply paint using methods that ensure smooth surfaces, crisp lines, and exceptional color consistency. At the end of the job, we go over our work in detail and give you a full walkthrough of our results — ensuring your total satisfaction.

Premium-Quality Exterior Paints

The exterior painters at 360° Painting Auburn Hills ensure high-quality results by pairing our proven painting process with high-quality paints and finishes. We use premium paints from some of our industry’s top manufacturers, giving your home a new coat that’s as resilient as it is eye-catching.

Proudly Serving the Auburn Hills Area

As Auburn Hills-area residents ourselves, the team 360° Painting Auburn Hills is proud to be serving our neighbors in the local community. Our exterior painters work with homeowners in Auburn Hills, Rochester Hills, Pontiac, Waterford Township, Troy, and other nearby towns.

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