Bastrop – Exterior Painting Tips for Bastrop Homeowners

Most people don’t think of paint as hard-working, but a new coat of exterior paint pulls triple-duty for your home. It beautifies your home’s exterior, increases re-sale value, and shields siding from the elements. But for paint to properly do its job, it needs to be applied carefully by experienced painters. To help homeowners in Cedar Creek, Del Valle, Elgin, Manor, Austin, and Bastrop find the right painters for their next exterior painting project, the team at 360° Painting® Austin-Bastrop has put together the following tips for exterior painting in the Bastrop area.

1. Pick Painters Who Know the Bastrop Climate

An area’s climate can play a major role in an exterior painting project, and the Austin-Bastrop area is no exception. Because of central Texas’s extreme heat and heavy sunshine during summer, the exterior painters at 360° Painting Austin-Bastrop typically recommend exterior painting during the fall, winter, or spring. This ensures that paint does not dry too quickly or become damaged by heavy sunshine.

2. Choose Painters Who Use Quality Exterior Paints

The Austin and Bastrop area receives plenty of sunshine throughout summer months. So if your exterior painter uses low-quality exterior paint, a single summer of Texas sunshine could lead to heavy fading or cause paint to begin to flake. Because of this, the exterior painters at 360° Painting Austin-Bastrop recommend that you pay close attention to the type of paint used by your chosen painting contractor or painting company. A quality exterior painter will be able to explain why they are recommending certain brands and styles of paint, as well as how those paints react to the central Texas climate.

3. Ask About Your Exterior Painter’s Process

Choosing the wrong exterior painter can lead to compromised results. How paint is applied plays a major role in the look and expected lifespan of a new exterior coat of paint. Even more important is the way your home’s exterior is prepared before painting. Rushed, careless, or inexperienced prep work can compromise adhesion between siding and paint, causing paint to flake away soon after it’s been applied.

4. Read Reviews from Bastrop Homeowners

These days, it’s easier than ever to find out what your friends and neighbors think of local contractors and companies. With five-star reviews across sites as diverse as Houzz, HomeAdvisor, and Yelp, the exterior painters at 360° Painting Austin-Bastrop are trusted by central Texas homeowners. Thanks to our fair pricing, premium paints, and 19-step process for exterior painting, we deliver the eye-catching, long-lasting results that Bastrop homeowners deserve.

Beautify, protect, and increase the value of your home with the exterior painters from 360° Painting Austin-Bastrop. Call (512) 522-5909 today for a no-cost, no-obligation estimate and consultation, or just click on “Schedule a FREE Estimate” to get started.