2017 Color Trends Roundup

Since 2000, the Pantone Color Institute, the self-styled “global authority on color”, has carefully studied the current trends in fashion, design and even politics and, based on their estimation of the current zeitgeist, chosen a “Color of the Year”. This designation is purely for creative purposes; they don’t patent the color. Their mission is simply to put a color label on the way they predict the year ahead to feel, or how they think we should feel. For example, according to their website, the 2011 Pantone color, Honeysuckle, was chosen as way to instill “confidence, courage and spirit to meet the exhaustive challenges that have become part of everyday life.”

(A Pantone infographic on the history of the Color of the Year.)

Often, the Pantone Color of the Year pops up in various industries not limited to just paint. The 2017 Color of the Year is “Greenery” and has been spotted everywhere from the Gucci 2017 Spring Collection to Better Homes and Gardens.

Unsurprisingly, other design firms and paint companies followed suit, and began highlighting trending colors and palettes. Here is a glimpse at some of the color trends this year, trends that extend beyond paint color and into fashion and fabric.

Benjamin Moore created an entire color palette around their chosen color of the year, Shadow 2117-30, which they described as being “allusive and enigmatic”. Their color palette is an exercise in comfort, with bright colors transformed into their smoky counterparts, creating a feeling of warmth and ambiance. With names like “Grandfather Clock Brown”, “Dark Burgundy” and “Dinner Party”, the 2017 Benjamin Moore Color Palette is perfect for long, dark nights with friends gathered around your well-loved dining room table. Check out this inspirational video of all the colors being used by muralist Mary Lacy.

Sherwin-Williams also highlighted a warm color palette with their Color Of The Year, Poised Taupe. This color is associated with a “cozy lifestyle” and bringing “sanctuary into our homes”. It is a modern take on an old feeling of comfort that manages to remain simple and clean. The rest of the palette, grey-ish blues like “Gale Force” and “Mountain Air”, brings the same updated feel to home classics.

And PPG went in a slightly different direction than the others, one more in line with the trend forecast by Pantone’s Greenery. They chose Violet Verbena, a color directly taken from Mother Nature’s spring color palette. A lively purple, Violet Verbena is a dewy-fresh breeze that adds a gentle pop to any home. It is hardly limited to the home, and can be found in everything from graceful spring hydrangeas to the designer studios.

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