7 Surprising Colors

…to paint your living room.

Its time to update the living room, but you want to avoid the boring colors, the beiges and the yellows, that everyone seems to be using. How do you walk the line between boring and outrageous? How do you set the trend without outpacing the present by 20 years? How can you make classy feel new and refreshed? Here’s a list of colors for the perfect balance between fashion and comfort. Not only is 360° Painting happy to help you choose the color, but we’ll also apply it with the professional touch and customer-focus that you’ve come to expect from us.

  1. Black Flame: PPG, 2018 Color of the Year

Unexpected, bold, timeless: This statement-making black, infused with an undertone of the deepest indigo, evokes privacy, comfort and classic modernism. Be on the cutting edge and use Black Flame to accent your living room in 2018.

  1. Indian Maize: PPG

Don’t be afraid to introduce a warm ray of sunlight into your room with PPG’s fresh and vibrant Indian Maize. This color is sure to energize any home while adding an extra pep to your step. Who wouldn’t want to come home and be greeted by walls singing this color?

  1. Hazy Blue: Benjamin Moore

Create a spa-like retreat in your home with Hazy Blue; you can almost taste the salt and smell the sea-breeze with this green-infused blue.

  1. Violet Verbena: PPG, 2017 Color of the Year

A regal color with a heart of tranquility, this PPG 2017 color of the year breaths the dewy, floral spirit of spring into any home.

  1. Van Deusen Blue: Benjamin Moore

Powerful and relaxing, the Van Deusen Blue makes a statement and throws into contrast the lighter highlights of your home.

  1. Mature Grape: Sherwin Williams

Mature Grape is the color that evokes well-used dining room tables and hours of conversation; it’s sure to bring together your family and friends this year.

  1. Red Gumball: PPG

A Patriotic red that avoids being too flashy, Red Gumball is perfect for that warm, yet bold shade you’ve been looking for.