8 Ways Paint Can Upgrade Your Patio


Summer means large, sweating glasses of ice tea, lazily rotating outdoor fans and hours spent with loved ones on your patio. Upgrade your patio this summer with two things:

1. These small tricks that will completely transform the overall feel of your patio and

2. A little help from 360° Painting.



1) Let the inside out (and vice versa)


(Photo Credit: Country Living)

Don’t drop the color scheme of your interior as soon as you step outside. Use the shutters to communicate the color palette outdoors, or even coordinate the interior wallpaper to the exterior cushions, as this photo from Country Living demonstrates. Don’t make the patio feel like an afterthought by tying the exterior and interior together

2) Paint the bricks a dark color and contrast with vibrant, tropical colored-furniture

(Photo Credit: Better Home & Gardens)

Even though this is a small space, because the dark color on the walls focuses the eye and prevents the space from feeling overwhelming. This tasteful color combination avoids feeling frantic and instead conveys the smells of a tropical, exotic location.

3) Coordinate the deck from top to bottom. Literally.


(Photo Credit: Country Living)

Ceilings are rarely painted indoors, but note how in this patio the colors in the patterned floor are reflected on the ceiling. This effect is possible in part because the abundance of sunshine makes it so the seafoam blue of the ceiling doesn’t overwhelm the rest of the space.

4) Transform wood and concrete with just a layer of paint

(Photo Credit: Old Brand New)

The bloggers behind Old Brand New converted this tired old patio into a cool new space. One of the simplest moves was painting the wood a modern black and contrasting with a painted concrete floor. This is hugely time consuming but fortunately the talented painters at 360° Painting will be able to take care of your needs.

5) Don’t forget the details!

(Photo Credit: Country Living)

The attention to detail in this home includes adding a touch of whimsy in small places, and in ways that don’t disrupt the overal aesthetic of the home. Note how the bright colors in these steps are quietly threaded throughout the outdoor setting, from the chairs to the terracotta pots. Bright enough to add a shot of joy to the home, subtle enough to not distract from the sleek overall look of the home.

6) Coordinate the furniture with the…floor

(Photo Credit: Nesting With Grace)

One of the great things about an exterior patio is having the ability to do things you cannot do indoors. For a bold statement, full of personality, paint the floor to coordinate and tie together the fabrics of your patio furniture. The best thing is, because its outdoors, you can easily update the colors as your tastes change!

7) Be brazen with color combinations

(Photo Credit: Country Living)

Again, exterior decorating is a whole different ballgame. The rules are looser and it is easier to use vibrant colors, in part because of the abundance of sunshine.  Now is the opportunity to play with the color palettes you always admired but were never sure exactly how to fit it into your home. Notice in this patio how the owner painted the siding and the ceiling of the patio, tying both colors in to the day bed and metal chair. The color scheme mirrors the blue sky and sunlight surroundings!

8) See the house as a whole

(Photo Credit: Country Living)

Don’t forget that the patio, including the furniture, is part of the overall aesthetic of your home, especially of your patio faces the street (or wherever you have neighbors). Consider matching the trim of your home to your patio furniture. The symmetry of this coordination makes the whole exterior flow.