What Calgary Business Owners Need in a Commercial Painting Service

At 360° Painting® Calgary, we know that a new coat of paint is an investment in your business. But getting the most out of that investment means finding the right commercial painting contractor for the job. If you own or operate a business in the Calgary area and are in the market for a commercial painting contractor, here are the essential qualities you should be looking for in your painting provider.

Strong Local Painting Reviews

When you’re hiring a commercial painting company, reviews from their past customers are one of the best ways to measure the quality of their painting services and the way they treat their clients. If you’re looking for a commercial painting company in the Calgary area, some of the best places to go for online reviews include Google, Facebook, YellowPages.ca, HomeStars, and TrustedPros.ca. Look for Calgary’s commercial painting companies with plenty of five-star and four-star reviews, and pay attention to what their customers say about how they handle painting projects.

commercial painting on Calgary office buildingCommercial Painting Expertise

A quality painting company should make it easy to get started with a commercial painting project. Some of the ways that Calgary painting companies accomplish this include:

  • Providing free, in-person estimates.
  • Offering advice and professional consultation when you’re planning your project.
  • Helping you minimize the impact of painting on your workplace and its overall productivity.

Quality Paints & Finishes

A commercial paint job will only ever be as good as the materials that go into the job. While some Calgary-area painting contractors rely on cut-rate paints to offer lower rates on commercial painting, these paints often look worse and cost more in the long run due to frequent repainting. To avoid this issue, ask potential companies about the paints they use, including where they’re sourced from, what kind of performance they offer, and how long you should expect them to last.

Professional Commercial Painting Craftsmanship

Many of the most common issues on commercial painting projects can be traced back to poor craftsmanship. Painters sometimes rush work, fudge the details, or follow improper techniques, resulting in a less-than-perfect finished product. To avoid common problems with craftsmanship — like drip lines or visible seams between coats — look for commercial painting contractors who use a careful, step-by-step approach in their work.

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