Color Prediction 2019: New Neutrals

Here is our final Color Prediction 2019 post! We hope this series both inspires and excites you for the color and design trends that are coming our way in 2019. Did you miss one in this series? No problem! Check out these articles on how color trends are decided, yellow, metallics and, to get a full understanding, the 2018 Color Trend Roundup.

Our final trend prediction sticks with the general theme of a disruption/continuation of tradition. Neutrals are a long-honored trend with an undeniable appeal and usefulness. They’re great for staging and selling homes, simple and clean in bright spaces and can balance other bold color choices.

But to be honest, neutrals sometimes get a bad rap. They can conjure up disappointing images of beiges, browns and boring whites. These can be useful at times but they can also feel dated.

2019 will be about the rejuvenation of neutrals.

They’ll expand to include blush, pastel blue, dusty sage green and lovely lavender. With the expansion of the traditional, these new, light neutrals will be both crowd-pleasing and unique.

We say many of these colors begin to pop up with the announcement of the 2018 Colors of the Year which were predominantly loud, bold and energetic. Their softer versions were an alternative to the edgy accent colors and we quickly saw this in everything from fashion to home wares.

These dish towels from Hudson | Grace are a real neutral-green dream.

And boy did we start seeing these colors in homes. They were in small spaces and added color without overwhelming the space and in large entertaining rooms that felt comfortable and flexible.

Photos by Jonas Ingerstedt


Photos by Jonas Ingerstedt

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