Sherwin-Williams Colormix Forecast

It’s that time of year again! The color whisperers at Sherwin-Williams have once again released their Colormix Forecast 2020. Every year, the Sherwin-Williams experts take stock of the current design trends – as well as take the temperature of the current cultural and societal zeitgeist – to come up with several color palettes that predict the way that color, and design, will move in 2020. Plus the 2020 Color of the Year, Naval, comes from this forecast!

The predominant themes in the Sherwin-Williams Colormix Forecast 2020 were relaxation, happiness, a return to nature, and an invitation to creativity. By speaking with design experts all over the country, Sherwin-Williams has created five color palettes that speak to these major trends.

The overall theme of the Colormix Forecast is “Color in Balance,” and describes how the 45 chosen colors all generate spaces and moods that ultimately lead to happiness. Check out this video to get a snapshot of design and interior decoration in 2020.

The five color palettes are Mantra, Heart, Alive, Play, and Haven,

Mantra is a cross-cultural palette that melds different Eastern and Western cultural signifiers to create a simplistic yet elegant palette that pays homage to Nordic minimalism and Japanese aesthetics.

Heart is an intergenerational palette that, no matter the color, brings harmony to the space. Its muted tones pay homage to nature, inviting the simplicity and authenticity of the natural world into your home or office.

Alive is a unique color palette that cherishes and recognizes the spark of life in each individual. With bold yet individual colors, Alive is authentic to itself and to you, offering colors that are joyful, vibrant, and speak to a diversity of experiences.

Play brings out the childish innocence and love of play that we all have within us. These fun colors aren’t just for kids in age – they recognize that the love of connection and the love of laughter lives within each of us, just waiting to be invited out to play.

Haven speaks to the exhale at the end of a long day, the feeling of your body relaxing when it steps inside your front doors. Just as the overall theme of the 2020 Colormix Forecast, Haven invites creativity into your home and to relax and protect your mind and well-being.

Each of these five collections has happiness as an undercurrent, a goal and a state of being that drives the interior design and color choice. We’re so inspired by these colors that we will continue to write about each of these palettes, Mantra, Heart, Alive, Play, and Haven, can bring serenity, peace-of-mind, well-being, and deep joy to your home. The 360° Painting blog will cover these colors and how you can bring them to your home.