Interior Design Trend Prediction: PINK

OK, mark the time and the place. We are making a bold 2018 trend prediction: pink. Pink is going to break free from its baby-girl’s-room confines. It is going to make a big splash all over the house. The kitchen: pink cabinets. The dining room: pink stucco. The outside trim? Pink. 2018 is going to be the year that transformed pink from a stereotypically little girl color. It is going to be one routinely matched with cool steel, clean cabinets and refreshingly-simple lines. Pink is going to be a symbol of quiet strength in 2018.

What makes us so confident to single-out pink, and all its soft, simple shades, as the new 2018 trend? We have our fingers on the pulse not just of the paint world, but also broader cultural trends that often dictate color trends. Here’s a sampling of the trend-setters:

  1. Sherwin-Williams

In their 2018 “Color Forecast”, Sherwin-Williams highlighted several “moods” that will dominate paint colors. The third, “Sincerity”, is influenced by the minimalist trend, simplifying your life through de-cluttering and de-stressing. Along with a sandy-pink, “hazy botanicals” and “complex greys” give a sense of intentional space, unfiltered nature and emptiness ripe with possibility.

[Sherwin-Williams “Sincerity”, 2018 Color Forecast]

  1. Pantone

According to Pantone Color Institute executive director Leatrice Eisemen, one of the 2018 palettes is “Discretion” which focuses on “subtle blends, subtle harmonies in both color and texture”. This quieter palette is more traditional, made up of pinks and lavenders, but introduces newness by recognizing that “Pink has really taken hold in interior design. So it isn’t something that we should dismiss…pink has developed more power than it’s ever had before.”

  1. A variety of interior design magazines and blogs:

The designer of this London bathroom used a pink palette to bring out the colors in the marble, creating a luxuriously understated bathroom retreat.

This photo collection demonstrates pink’s versatility: from accent walls to kitchen cabinets, pink lightens and simplifies any room it is placed in.

From soft, feminine lighting in fluffy bedrooms to productive, sleek workspaces, pink is on a variety of surfaces including pink bricks that create give a retro edge to an otherwise modern shower.

The pink plaster used in this small South London apartment gives Mediterranean warmth to the cozy apartment as the walls soak up and radiate the sun flooding in from the large windows.

(Photo Credit from Left to Right: Elle Decoration Sweden, A Cup of Jo and House & Garden)

  1. The Runway

As Ms. Eisemen noted, a leader in color trends is often the fashion industry. Several major designers are rolling out Fall 2017 lines that are chock-full of pink. As these lines land right before the end of the year, pink is sure to be picked up and copied in the new calendar year. Here’s a sampling of the designers leading the way: From Left to Right: Chloé, Gucci, Kate Spade, Ralph & Russo, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein.