Transform your home for less: 20% Off Cabinet Painting

During this guest season, one sure-fire way to upgrade your home while limiting construction dust, hassle, and stress is by refurbishing your cabinets. While most people choose to paint their kitchen cabinets, any built-in or free-standing cabinetry can be seriously enhanced with a new stain or paint color.

Decide to work smarter, not harder, to update your home.

Painting your cabinets is an easy, time-efficient way to transform your house without the hassle and mess of construction. By choosing to re-imagine your cabinets with a new stain, color, or gloss, you’re protecting the environment by reducing waste and saving yourself money in the process. Being environmentally-friendly has never been so easy or affordable!

See the difference for yourself

Whether you decide to paint built-in kitchen cabinets or free-standing furniture, a new coat of paint makes a serious difference. Interior decorator Mandi Gubler of Vintage Revivals used Sherwin-Williams Ruskin Room Green to transform this old bookcase into a signature piece of furniture.

Vintage Revivals

Investing in a great new cabinet paint-scheme can elevate the rest of your kitchen, giving life to older appliances and ultimately saving you the expense of having to switch them out. Photographer Leah Flores used Sherwin-Williams Rockwood Blue Green to update this open and airy kitchen, simultaneously elevating the style of the entire kitchen for a fraction of the cost of an entire kitchen renovation.

Leah Flores

Pay attention to the details

Cabinet painting is an exercise in attention to detail. Doing a quick, shoddy, or amateur job ultimately shows in the daily wear-and-tear in the most-used room in the home for many people. The involved process includes removing all the doors, sanding down all surfaces, removing all the hardware, and applying several coats, potentially including a gloss or matte finish.

The project is time-intensive – decide to make the investment the right way with a 20% discount with 360° Painting. Our thorough process ultimately gives you a seamless coat of paint that will turn heads and brighten your home.

An investment in your future

Many homeowners take multiple factors into account when deciding to upgrade their homes. They consider budget, quality, usefulness and their potential return-on-investment, or ROI. Making large improvements to your home doesn’t always pay off in the long-run, but strategic improvements can yield a high ROI even years after the original improvement. For example, a minor kitchen remodel with refurbished cabinets can have up to an 80% return on investment on your home’s real-estate value. Painting your cabinets in a professional way can enhance your home’s re-sale value and ultimately put money back where it belongs: in your pocket.

20% Off Cabinet Painting

Before the season of guests, parties, gatherings, and holidays descends on your home, decide to make the smart investment that can dramatically change the look of your home without the pricey investment.

360° Painting is making that easier than ever by offering 20% off cabinet painting on projects over $2000 at participating locations. This is your opportunity to invest in your future and enjoy your home in the present. Call 360° Painting today!