Colour Inspiration from Dream Destinations II

Last summer, we highlighted colour inspiration from four dream destinations. Never stop vacationing with our second Dream Destinations blog!

As the summer kicks off, the urge to travel and the wanderlust and excitement with the beauty of beaches, mountains, fields, and cities takes hold! Even if you can’t travel to every dream destination this summer, you can still be inspired by glistening lakes, soaring mountains, pristine beaches, and sparkling cities.

360° Painting has a national partnership with leading residential paint company, Sherwin-Williams. We work in close collaboration to bring you the absolute best quality and service for all your residential and commercial painting needs.

Sherwin-Williams offers a fantastic selection of colours than convey moods, atmospheres, styles, and love. Try using their ColorSnap Visualizer Tool to turn your favorite scenes into your new favorite colour palettes! We used the tool to bring the colours and feelings of dreamy summer destinations into your home.


color inspiration from dream destination thailand

Refresh, relax, and totally zen out with this perfectly spa-like palette, inspired from this secluded slice of Thai heaven. Use this colour palette in your bathroom to inspire peace, tranquility, and privacy (something parents with kids need more of!).


color inspiration from dream destination greece

More subdued but with a strong personality, this Grecian summer evening palette would be perfect for your kitchen and dining room. With bold, interesting colours, this palette takes the energy and community from this beautiful hillside and brings it to your home.

Some mountain, somewhere

color inspiration from dream destination mountain

And then of course, sometimes you just need to be off the grid. This rustic, earthy, authentic palette does just that – returns you to nature and gives you a space to breath amongst the fast-paced traffic of modern life. We love this palette in your rec room or basement as spaces to be and slowdown with your family.

Summer is the perfect time to travel, but consider taking this time to invest in your home! Bring these colour palettes to life with 360° Painting, your trusted neighborhood paint company. Take your colour inspiration from dream destinations so you can be “on vacation” all year long. Call or visit today to get started transforming your home: 1-866-99-PAINT.