Cleveland – Exterior Painting Tips for Cleveland Homeowners

Choosing to repaint your home’s exterior is a smart investment, beautifying your home and bolstering its resale value. As Cleveland’s trusted exterior painters, the team at 360° Painting® Cleveland knows a thing or two about what goes into a successful exterior painting project. To help Cleveland homeowners make smart choices on their next painting project, our exterior painters have put together the following tips on repainting your home in the Cleveland area. These tips cover how to handle exterior painting in the Cleveland climate, when your home requires a new coat of paint, and how Cleveland homeowners can get eye-catching results by choosing the right exterior paints and the right exterior painters.

Exterior Painting in Cleveland’s Climate

Generally, the exterior season for Cleveland homeowners starts early April and extends through October. The optimum months where there is minimum precipitation, humidity and longer days are April, May, June, September, and October. These are the best months, if possible.

When to Paint Your Home’s Exterior

Depending on your home’s style of siding, repainting your home’s exterior may be needed as often as every three years especially if you are located near the lake. In other cases, paint or stain only needs replacing once every 8 years or more. Here’s a general guideline of how often a new coat of exterior paint or stain is needed for different styles of siding:

  • Wood: Every 3-7 years.
  • Aluminum: Every 5 years.
  • Stucco: Every 5 years.
  • Cement Fibreboard: Every 10-15 years.
  • Painted Brick: Every 15-20 years.

Choosing the Right Exterior Paint

The overall appearance and duration of any exterior painting project will depend on the quality of preparation and the paint or stain selected. We will recommend what type and brand of paint or stain to use based on our past experience and product knowledge. The leading paint companies come out with several new products each year improving their product line and offering remedies to consistent problems, if applicable. If color choice is confusing, we can also offer suggestions of popular colors that will make your house look the best whether your changing the look or ready to sell. At 360° Painting Cleveland, our exterior painters typically recommend a water-based paint for exterior work, though some types of siding will work better with oil-based products. Our team relies on the quality guaranteed by top manufacturers, like Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore to give you the highest value for your home.

Finding Exterior Painters in Cleveland

Great paint can’t make up for inexperienced painters. So if you’re thinking of repainting your home, be sure to partner with a team of professionals that you can rely on. At 360° Painting Cleveland, our exterior painters are trusted throughout the Cleveland area for the step-by-step process we bring to our exterior painting work, along with the exacting standards and attention to detail we bring to every job.

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