Exterior Painting in Douglasville

Exterior Painting in Douglasville

Refresh and protect your home with our exterior painting services in Douglasville, GA.

Applying a fresh coat of paint to your home’s exterior can give it a new look while also protecting it from sun, wind, and rain. With our exterior painting services in Douglasville, we can help you find the perfect paint color and apply it with precision.

At 360º Painting® Douglasville, we are committed to client satisfaction. Our team works closely with you each step of the way, giving you peace of mind and ensuring your specifications are met.

Douglasville’s Exterior Painting Professionals: 360° Painting Douglasville

Painting the exterior of your home involves a lot of work. Let our painting contractors handle the planning, preparation, painting, and cleanup for you! During the planning stage, we offer a complimentary consultation to get you off on the right foot. Our team will assess the proposed project, recommend paint colors and materials if requested, and provide a written estimate.

Once the final color choice is made, our team will begin prepping the exterior for painting. We have developed a detailed process that delivers excellent results every time. Prepping the surface ensures a smooth finish in Douglasville. Our exterior painting preparation process includes:

  • Covering outdoor furniture, plants, and grills for protection
  • Removing shutters and storm windows
  • Washing the entire exterior to rid it of dirt and mildew
  • Scraping and sanding to remove any residual paint
  • Filling any cracks or holes with putty
  • Repairing loose moldings, shakes, or shingles

After we are certain the exterior is smooth and properly prepped, we will begin applying the desired paint color. Here at 360º Painting® Douglasville, we obtain our paints and materials from top providers, like Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, and PPG Paints.

After the finishing touches are completed on the trim work and the shutters are re-installed, we will conduct an inspection to make sure the end result is up to our standards. Final touch-ups will be made if necessary, and then our team will clear the property of all materials.

Finally, we will bring you along for a final walkthrough of the project. The job is not complete until we have your complete satisfaction.

Get Started with 360º Painting Douglasville

Our quality customer service and detail-oriented process makes us a preferred exterior painting company in the Douglasville area. We are proud to extend our services to the surrounding communities, including Newnan, Carrollton, Fayetteville, Peachtree City, and Southwest Atlanta, GA.

Call 360° Painting® Douglasville today at (404) 865-1294 to schedule your complimentary consultation or learn more about our exterior painting in Douglasville.