Durham – Questions You May Have for Interior Painters in Whitby

living room painting by interior painters in Whitby

Whether you’re brightening up your bedroom or adding a pop of colour to your living room, the interior painters at 360° Painting® Durham are here to make your next painting job a hassle-free success. From our initial estimate to our final inspection, our interior painters will handle every detail of the painting process to transform your Whitby-area home into a warm and inviting place to be.

To help you get a better idea of the service our painters offer to homeowners in Pickering, Oshawa, Ajax, Markham, Whitby, Courtice, and Clarington, we’ve compiled a list of questions you might have about our interior painting services.

Do I Need to Move My Furniture?

When you choose 360° Painting Durham, you can rest easy knowing that our interior painters will take care of every aspect of your home’s transformation. While we ask that you remove your valuable and breakable items as well as your wall hangings, we’ll take care of all the heavy lifting. Before we begin painting, we’ll move your furniture to the centre of the room, and cover it and your floors to make sure the only place we get paint is on your walls.

How Will You Prepare My Walls for Painting?

Our interior painters are perfectionists when it comes to preparing Whitby-area homes for painting. Once your furniture is protected, we can fill in any cracks, holes, or voids in your walls, clean surfaces, and seal stains as needed. We also have years of experience repairing drywall and can include this service in our initial estimate if needed.

When is Primer Needed?

When painting homes in the Whitby area, our interior painters use primer to block out stains, fill in cracks or crevices, and prepare new drywall and wood to be painted. We also use primer if you are drastically changing your wall colour or if we are painting over an oil-based paint.

How Many Coats of Paint Will You Apply?

Generally, our professional interior painters will use two coats of paint when painting homes in the Whitby area. We find that two coats allows for enough coverage to even out wall surfaces where repairs and imperfections can’t be fully concealed. Two coats of paint also results in a longer-lasting more scrub-resistant finish.

Call the interior painters from 360° Painting Durham today at (289) 240-3399. We are proud to work with homeowners in Whitby, Durham and throughout the surrounding areas.