Painting Company in Bentonville: Our Tips for Choosing Paint Colors

painting company in Bentonville

Looking for a painting company in the Bentonville area that can help you pick the perfect colors for your home? Call on the professional painters of 360° Painting® of NWA. Along with free estimates, our painting company offers complimentary interior and exterior color consultations to homeowners in Bentonville, Fayetteville, Rogers, Springdale, and the surrounding areas.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the idea of choosing a new color scheme for your home, read on for expert tips from the painters of 360° Painting® of NWA.

Our Painting Company’s Tips for Choosing Interior Colors

  1. Get inspired.
    Magazine clippings and folders of ideas have been replaced with the online sites that are filled with paint colors and design ideas to spark your inspiration. Try Pinterest, a social site that lets you “pin” images of color schemes and saves them for later review.
  2. Take advantage of the Color Visualizer Tool.
    Available right on the 360° Painting® NWA website the Color Visualizer lets you upload an image of your space from your desktop or mobile device and try out various color combinations without committing to paint samples or taking a drive to the paint store.
  3. Take another look at neutrals.
    If you’re bored with neutral colors but are nervous about committing to bold new colors, try using them in a fresh, new way. An accent wall in neutral stripes can add interest without being loud, and a neutral one shade darker or lighter than your existing color could be just the touch your room needs.

Our Painting Company’s Tips for Choosing Exterior Colors

  1. Integrate your home’s exterior materials into your color choice
    The colors of brick walkways, stone facades, shingles, and driveways that won’t be painted should be factored into the color scheme of your home’s exterior to ensure a cohesive look.
  2. Include contrast in your color scheme.
    Use contrasting colors on trim, doors, windows, and shutters to add visual interest. For example, if your painting the main body of your home a neutral color, try painting the front door in a bold, vibrant hue to make it pop.
  3. Test your color choices before committing.
    Paint colors you like in the store under artificial lighting may look very different once painted on your home and viewed in full sunlight. Before finalizing your color choice, paint samples on large boards that you can place around the exterior to view at different times of day to make sure you like them in all lighting conditions.

For expert advice on your next project, call our painting company today at (479) 431-5450 for a free consultation in your Bentonville-area home.