Drywall Repair Services

Prepare your home’s walls for painting with our drywall repair services.

Before starting an interior painting project, it’s important that your home’s walls are in proper condition. If your home’s drywall is damaged or improperly installed, no amount of paint will be able to cover up the problem. With drywall repair services from your local 360° Painting, your walls will be in proper shape for your painting project.
As part of our residential interior painting services, our painters offer drywall repair services to get your walls ready for painting. In cases of major damage, we can make repairs to ensure your walls are in pristine condition and ready for paint application.

Drywall Repair Services for Minor Damage

At 360° Painting, part of our work as residential painters is making sure your walls are ready to be painted. That means taking the time to clean, sand, strip, and prime walls, depending on the job at hand. It also means making sure that drywall is free of minor damage that will show through a fresh coat of paint.
Our painters are skilled at making drywall repairs, and can help you smooth out uneven surfaces or fill smalls holes and fissures. Drywall repair services are included in our estimates so you have a clear understanding of the type of work needed. Some of the most common drywall repairs we perform include fixing:

  • Nail holes
  • Cracks
  • Gaps
  • Chips
  • Spalling
  • Loose/missing joint tape

Taking the time to make these types of repairs are simply part of ensuring your residential painting project turns out just the way you envisioned.

Drywall Repair Services for Major Damage

Occasionally, our painters discover major damage when inspecting walls prior to painting. Sometimes, this damage has gone unnoticed because it was hidden by furniture or beneath a previous layer of paint.
If major drywall repair services are necessary, your local 360° Painting will explain the damage they’ve found and their recommendations about how best to fix the problem. Whether we can make these repairs ourselves or if we recommend hiring a drywall contractor, we’ll be honest and upfront about what we find and our recommendation for a fix. No work will ever be performed without your express consent. Once repairs are complete, we will proceed with our painting services.

Your Residential Painting Professionals

If you’re thinking about a residential painting project, but need drywall repaired before work gets started, your local 360° Painting can help. Simply contact us by phone or book online to get started with a free, no-obligation estimate.

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Note: Services may vary location to location. Contact your local 360° Painting to learn more about drywall repair services provided.