Fence Painting & Staining Services

Beautify fencing with professional fence painting and staining services.

Fences can be a beautiful addition to any property, especially after professional painting or staining. At 360° Painting, our professional fence painting and staining services offer the perfect way to give any fence an attractive, long-lasting finish. No matter the material your fence is made of, the look you’re hoping to achieve, or the scope of your project, our painters will make your project an easy, stress-free experience.

Our Fence Painting & Staining Services

If you’re looking to beautify your fence and protect it against the elements, there’s no better choice than fence painting and staining services from 360° Painting. Our painters offer a comprehensive range of painting and staining services for fencing.
Our fence painting services cover a full range of fencing materials, including services for the following:

  • Wooden fence painting
  • Aluminum fence painting
  • Vinyl fence painting
  • Chain-link fence painting
  • PVC fence painting
  • Wrought-iron fence painting

Meanwhile, our fence staining services including staining for practically any species of wood. Our staining services include services for:

  • Pine fence staining
  • Cedar fence staining
  • Cypress fence staining
  • Redwood fence staining
  • Oak fence staining
  • And more!

In addition to our fence painting and staining services, we also offer similar services for deck painting and staining.

man staining or painting a wooden fenceQuality Fence Painting & Staining

With 360° Painting on the job, you’re assured long-lasting, professional results on any fence painting or staining project. We know how important quality painting and staining can be, beautifying your property, adding value to your home, and protecting your fence from weathering, wear, and damage.
That’s why we’re committed to using high-quality paints, stains, and finishes on any fence painting or staining project. We also help homeowners plan their fence painting and staining projects. We can help you choose the right paint or stain for your home’s fencing, giving you professional advice about how different paints and stains will work with your style of fencing and stand up to your local climate.

Get Started with 360° Painting

Need an estimate on a fence painting or fence staining project? Simply give your local 360° Painting a call or use our online booking system to schedule an estimate at a time convenient to you.

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Note: Services vary location to location. Contact your local 360° Painting for more information on fence painting and staining services.