Bathroom Painters

Update the look of your bathroom with 360° Painting®.

Does your bathroom need a new coat of paint? With help from the bathroom painters at your local 360° Painting, it’s easy to create a more attractive and more comfortable space in your home’s bathrooms. Our painters offer the expertise that homeowners need on bathroom painting projects, turning uninviting bathrooms into bright, inviting, luxuriant spaces. Whatever look you have in mind for your bathroom, our painters will help you find the colors and materials you need to give your bathroom the facelift it deserves.

Our Bathroom Painting Services

The bathroom painters at your local 360° Painting are the perfect choice for any bathroom painting project. Whether you’re repainting a roomy four-piece en suite or updating the look of a compact powder room, we will help you achieve a look and feel that suits your space, your home, and your personality.
To make this happen, we offer professional color and paint consultations during the early stages of bathroom painting projects. Our bathroom painters can provide you with valuable professional insight and guidance when you’re trying to pick the perfect color combination, or when choosing between different paint formulations. This not only helps you find the perfect paints for your project, it also helps our painters understand your goals and your vision. This way, we can be sure that our work lives up to your expectations.

Professional Bathroom Painters

At 360° Painting, we are committed to quality painting. We want to earn your business for years to come, which means we’ll never rush work, create unnecessary delays, or try to get you to sign off on substandard work. Instead, we put in the time and effort it takes to achieve a flawless finish on any bathroom painting project.
Our commitment to quality extends to the paints we use and the process we use to apply them. All of our paints come from trusted manufacturers, and we apply paint using a careful, methodical process that eliminates drips, inconsistencies, and other surface imperfections. On bathroom painting projects, we use paints that are formulated to withstand wetness and humidity, ensuring your bathroom’s new coat of paint looks great for years and years to come.

Get Started on Your Bathroom Painting Project

Looking to get started with an estimate on your bathroom painting project? Simply contact the bathroom painters at your local 360° Painting and we’ll schedule you for a free, in-person, no-obligation estimate.

Call 1-866-99-PAINT or click the “Schedule a FREE Estimate” button to book your bathroom painting estimate.