Kitchen Painters

Give your kitchen a fresh new look with help from our kitchen painters.

A new coat of paint can transform an old, dingy kitchen into a bright and modern space for cooking, eating, and spending time with family. It can also do wonders for the value of your home, creating a focal point for buyers and real estate agents when your home hits the market. At 360° Painting, our kitchen painters know what it takes to make any kitchen painting project a success. We will work with you to give your kitchen the appearance and feel you’re looking for, using premium paints and time-tested painting methods to deliver eye-catching results.

Our Kitchen Painting Services

When you partner with the kitchen painters at 360° Painting, we offer more than just hired-hand painting services. We know how important a kitchen painting project can be for any homeowner. We also know how important proper planning is to the success of a repainting project. That’s why we work with homeowners to understand their vision for their kitchen before starting painting. By collaborating with you on the planning stages of your project, we can help you avoid common mistakes, map out a workable timeframe for your project, and find the perfect combination of colors for your kitchen.
Our kitchen painters are also able to adapt our services depending on your goals. If you’re looking to increase the value and appeal of your home for an upcoming sale, we can help you achieve a look that will appeal to modern buyers. If you’re looking to revamp your kitchen in your own personal style, we can help you find long-lasting paints that align with your personality. We’re also able to paint specific parts or areas, with painting services available for kitchen backsplashes, kitchen cabinets, or any other part of your kitchen that requires a fresh coat of paint.

work of kitchen paintersProfessional Kitchen Painters

Finding a reliable team of kitchen painters can be tough. But with 360° Painting, you’re assured professional service and professional results. We pride ourselves on doing all that we can to meet or exceed the expectations of our clients. That means taking the time to understand the look you want to achieve, then taking the care to make that look a reality.
To do this, our painters use a combination of premium paints and proven painting methods. Our paints come from brands like Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore, and are selected for their extraordinary consistency, smoothness, and clarity. When applying paints, we use careful step-by-step methods that eliminate common problems like drips, visible seams, transparencies, and inconsistent coloration. The result is a picture-perfect finish that you’ll instantly fall in love with.

Get Started on Your Kitchen Painting Project

Ready to liven up your kitchen with a new coat of paint? It’s easy to get started with the kitchen painters at your local 360° Painting. Simply call or use our convenient online scheduling system to book a free, in-person estimate.

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