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Choosing a Painting Contractor in Saskatoon

Your home is your greatest asset. When it comes to making home improvements, you want to have the best contractors. At 360º Painting® Saskatoon, we know that finding a quality painting contractor in Saskatoon can be hard. With our tips, you will find the right fit for your project! Tips for Choosing a Painting Contractor…

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Painting Company in Saskatoon: Our Tips for Choosing Paint Colours

Choosing new interior or exterior paint colours is a great way to freshen up the look of your home, but deciding on those colours can be nerve-wracking. Instead of stressing about paint colours, call on the professionals at 360° Painting® Saskatoon. Our painting company offers free colour consults on painting projects of all sizes, and…

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House Painting in Saskatoon: Big Impact, Small Investment

When it comes to home improvement projects, house painting is the first choice for many homeowners in Saskatoon. It’s not only faster than many other types of home renovation, but it’s also less expensive. However, painting an entire house isn’t a realistic option for those that only have a weekend to spare. If you want…

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How Can I Fix Peeling Paint?

Are you noticing paint peeling around your home? If you’ve ever asked yourself “how do I fix peeling paint?”, let Terry, the owner of 360 Painting Saskatoon, give you some painting tips to resolve your peeling paint issue.

Can I Paint Stucco?

Do you own a home with a stucco exterior and the color is fading? If you’ve ever asked yourself “can I paint stucco?”, let Terry, the owner of 360 Painting Saskatoon inform you of your house painting options.

Solid vs. Semi-Transparent Stain

Not sure whether to use a solid or a semi-transparent stain on your next project? Let Terry, the owner of 360 Painting Saskatoon in Saskatoon, SK, explain the difference.

What Color Should I Paint the Inside of My Closet

If you are having trouble deciding what color to paint the inside of your closet, let a painting pro help you figure it out. Terry, the owner of 360 Painting Saskatoon, has some advice for you.

Should I Paint my Walls Before or After New Flooring?

Should I paint my walls before or after new flooring? This is a very common question that homeowners ask themselves when deciding to replace their floors. Terry, the owner of 360 Painting Saskatoon, has some advice for you.

Should I Paint The Ceiling or Walls First?

Should I paint my ceiling or walls first? If you’ve ever asked yourself this question Terry, the owner of 360 Painting Saskatoon, has some tips that will help you make a decision.

Should I Paint the Trim or Walls First?

Should I paint the trim or walls first? If you’re about to paint a room and can’t decide where to start Terry, the owner of 360 Painting Saskatoon, has some tips that will help you make that decision.

Colour Inspiration from Dream Destinations II

Last summer, we highlighted colour inspiration from four dream destinations. Never stop vacationing with our second Dream Destinations blog! As the summer kicks off, the urge to travel and the wanderlust and excitement with the beauty of beaches, mountains, fields, and cities takes hold! Even if you can’t travel to every dream destination this summer,…

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How To Host The Perfect Porch Party

This time of the year is the perfect opportunity to fire up the grill, dust off the pollen from the outdoor tables, and invite your neighbors over for long summer evenings with cocktails, mocktails, and burgers. Hosting on the porch or in your backyard can seem intimidating because of the bugs, lack of light, and…

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What is “Maximalism”?

If you stay up-to-date with interior design trends, “maximalism” isn’t going to sound too foreign to you. This trend has become more and more…trendy in the past two years. It is, in many ways, a reaction to the Nordic minimalism that IKEA popularized and that blew up on social media: for a long time, interior…

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3 Dream Closets

We all need dreams, right? Well, today we are going to give you your next goal: a dream closet. A dream closet isn’t just any closet. A dream closet is a personal space that is just for you, it has all the small details that make your space cater to your needs and is a…

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Bathroom Goals

Bathrooms are a place of privacy, of intimacy right? It’s where you can’t see anyone and no one can see you. This formula might work for some people but it’s definitely not the steadfast rule! Some people opt for open bathrooms that flow with the home, bathrooms big enough to hold parties in, and even…

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Circus Chic is the New Trend

This April, the coolest way to paint your home is inspired by the whimsical, wonderful colours of the circus! What better way to invite people into your home than to literally open the doors of the “Big Top” Circus? Using the primary colours – yellow, red, and blue – mixed with the joyous atmosphere of…

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PBteen + Sherwin-Williams

One of the joys of growing up is being able to create your own space. Working with your teenagers to design their own rooms is a great learning experience—they can practice useful skills like budgeting. Plus, they’ll sharpen their design-eye and learn how colours go together in a space. Take our word on this: this…

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Which Colour to Paint According to Your Zodiac Sign

Some people put a lot of trust in their horoscope – and it’s true, a horoscope can be a great way to bolster your confidence. “Hey” you may think “my fortunes are really going to be looking up this week!” Thanks positive horoscope! Even if you think horoscopes are bologna, it can be a great…

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Fool-Proof Colours

It is obvious your house needs a makeover – the paint is peeling, the shadows of old frames stand out on the wall and your shutters have definitely weathered too many winters. Your homeowner instincts tell you that something needs to be done but you still face two major issues. Who will do the work…

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Paint Tips for Pet Owners

“Fur baby”, “apple of my eye”, “treasure”: whatever you call them, pets are often the MIR (Most Important Resident) in your home. Homeowners often want to make sure they choose a paint that not only fits their house but also fits their home – all of the things that make a place your own. This,…

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