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What to Ask a Painting Contractor in Saskatoon

Need to update your living room, kitchen, or bathroom, but not looking forward to painting on the weekends? Hiring an experienced painting contractor can give you back your weekends and produce stunning results. But hiring the wrong contractor can leave you in worse shape than when you started. So how do you find an experienced and…

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Should I Prime my wall before painting?

Should I prime my wall before I paint it a new color? If you’ve ever asked yourself this question Terry, the owner of 360 Painting Saskatoon, has some information that may help you make a decision.

A Service-Minded Painting Company in Saskatoon

At 360° Painting® Saskatoon, we want to ensure that our clients find working with our painting company a positive experience. We go above and beyond to make sure that your mind is at ease throughout the entire project, from the consultation and planning stages all the way through the completion of the project. Taking on a big…

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What is the difference between Paint and Stain?

Should I use paint or stain on my deck or fence? If you’ve ever asked yourself this question Terry, the owner of 360 Painting Saskatoon has some information that may help you make a decision.

How long will my interior repaint in Saskatoon take?

A really common question that comes to people’s minds when they consider repainting the interior of their home is “How long will this take?” Unfortunately the answer isn’t so black and white and the time frame will depend on a few different factors. Are you painting yourself? Or are you Hiring a Painting Contractor? If…

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What is making my paint peel on the interior of my home in Saskatoon?

Are you having issues with your paint peeling on the interior of your home? Well, there could be a few possible reasons as to why that is. Improperly Applied Latex Paint over Oil Paint A common mistake that we have seen in older homes is when someone has tried to cover an oil paint incorrectly…

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What is making my paint peel on the exterior of my home in Saskatoon?

It’s that time of year again, the weather is warm, the snow is going away, and… you start to notice that that paint is peeling on the exterior of your home. There are definitely a few different reasons why this could be. It is important to make sure that you figure out the correct reason,…

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What is making my paint fade or become discoloured on my exterior in Saskatoon?

Unfortunately we’ve all had to deal with faded or discoloured paint at some point. And, although painting over again with fresh paint will give it new color, it’s beneficial to know why it may have faded in the first place so that we’re not repainting every few years. In Saskatoon, the 3 major causes of…

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How to Stain a Deck?

Are you looking at that deck outside your house and thinking “Yeah… it’s probably time to stain it again…” ? Or maybe you have a brand new deck and you’d like to stain a different color or just stain it to protect the wood. Whatever you’re reasoning, follow the steps below to make sure you’re…

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2017 – February Newsletter

We’re doing it again this month! Bringing you a newsletter full of helpful colour suggestions, product information, tips and tricks that you might find useful, and information on what we’ve been up to lately! Also, if you’re interested in claiming a few free coffees for yourself check out our referral program at the bottom of…

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Which Colour Palette is Best for the Office?

The office doesn’t have to be a boring combination of snow white in eggshell; we are seeing more exciting trends and office plans, more open-office plans, more innovative ways to facilitate intra-office coordination and group work. One of the ways offices are changing are by taking colour palettes more seriously. The way your office looks…

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Pottery Barn + Sherwin-Williams

When decorating your home, it can be stressful to find the perfect wall colour to match your home furnishings. Why not let someone else do it for you? That’s why we’re so excited about this collaboration between Pottery Barn and Sherwin-Williams. From subtle hues to bold expressions, the colours in Pottery Barn’s Fall/Winter 2018 seasonal…

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With the last of the warm October sun slipping away, you may be tempted to skip straight into the holiday season. Decking the halls and tables laden with food (and family…for better or for worse!) loom large in your mind and they are right around the corner. But stop! 360° Painting is here to encourage…

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West Elm + Sherwin-Williams

West Elm + Sherwin-Williams Have you ever had the frustrating experience of trying to re-decorate your home and juggling five different colour fan decks, running back and forth from your new couch to your newly-painted wall? Have you ever desperately tried to link all the colours in your home together to create a cohesive colour…

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Colour Prediction 2019: New Neutrals

  Here is our final Colour Prediction 2019 post! We hope this series both inspires and excites you for the colour and design trends that are coming our way in 2019. Did you miss one in this series? No problem! Check out these articles on how colour trends are decided, yellow, metallics and, to get…

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Colour Prediction 2019: Metallics

This is potentially our favorite colour prediction. METALLICS. As detailed in our post about the ICFF, the international furniture and design fair, natural materials are being swapped out and combined with metallic ones. This trend is representative of how 2019 will be driven by the need to evolve. From tradition to innovation, metallics represent both…

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Colour Prediction 2019: Yellow

As we’ve talked about in previous posts (here, here, here & here), colour predictions are a major factor in the design world and often contribute to the interior design styling trends that we follow throughout the year. As an example, 2017 was year all about minimalism. The Sherwin-Williams 2017 Colour of the Year was “Poised…

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2019 Trends Prediction

On the blog today we focus on an ICFF Roundup to create a prediction for the hottest trends of 2019. Even though its technically close to the end of the calendar year, October feels like a time when people are looking ahead. You plan for your kids to have a successful year at school, you…

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How to Use Oceanside In Your Home

 As we’ve talked about here on the blog, major paint companies and colour-thinkers choose the leading colours of the year, annually, that both summarize and lead worldwide trends. For 2018, most major companies chose bold, saturated colours that really had something to say. Similarly, Sherwin-Williams also chose a colour with a true personality, designed to bridge…

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Prep for the School Year (Study Nooks, Mudrooms & More)

UHOH – it’s that time of year again! Brush the sand off your feet, dust off those school backpacks and zoom through the summer reading list because the kids are going back to school! As you race around trying to get everything set for their first day back, take a second to step back and…

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