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Calgary’s Professional House Painters

When it comes to painting your home’s interior or exterior, what starts out as an ambitious DIY project can quickly turn into a stressful and frustrating mess. Luckily, the knowledgeable and experienced house painters at 360° Painting Calgary are here to help. With our no-nonsense estimates, selection of premium paints and finishes, and focus on…

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Wallpaper! Should I or Shouldn’t I, that is the Question!

As a homeowner, I am not a fan of wallpaper. There, I said it! I have removed too much of it to want to put it up in my own house. However, as a decorator, I really like how it can change a room. There are so many wallpaper patterns and colours to choose from…

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What Sheen Should I Use?

You might ask, what is sheen? In simple terms, Sheen is the amount of reflection given off by your paint. The highest reflection is a gloss sheen and the lowest is a flat sheen. The most common name for the middle of the road sheen is eggshell. However, there are several different names given to…

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Raleigh-Area House Painters and Painting Services

Your home is the center of your family’s life, where friends and relatives come together to share meals and memories. The house painters from 360° Painting® of the Triangle can help you create a welcoming atmosphere you’ll be proud of. Our exacting standards make sure that every detail of your painting project is done exactly…

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Burlington’s Hassle-Free House Painters

At 360° Painting® Burlington, our house painters understand that a big painting project can quickly turn into an even bigger mess. With our quick and professional painting services, we can take the stress, mess, and hassle out of your next painting project. We’ll take care of everything from protecting your floors and moving your furniture,…

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What colour should I paint my garage door?

This question comes up on a daily basis at 360° Painting.  A common home design in the Calgary area has the garage attached to the home. It is a very large square in the front of the house.  It can greatly impact the curb appeal. Done right, it can add value. Done wrong, it can…

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What colour do I choose?

Putting a colour on the wall is like writing the first sentence to a novel, drawing the first line of a sketch, taking that leap off of a cliff into the water. All very daunting things to do but very empowering when it is done. Some things to consider when choosing colour. First, is this…

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One coat or two?

Can we get away with one coat, or do we need two? That’s a question many homeowners ask 360° Painting. The answer is a complicated one as there are many factors to take into consideration. If the surface to be repainted is in good condition, is just faded and you are not changing the colour…

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360 Painting Grows Its Franchise System with New VP of Operations and Franchise Support

ALEXANDRIA, VA, November 15, 2012 As 360° PAINTING enjoys its record year of growth, Josh Beller comes aboard as the new VP of Operations. Beller was a pioneer in the painting and franchise industry, dominating the Denver and Colorado Springs market. He grew his own painting franchise to $1.5 million in revenue annually before selling…

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360 Painting Opens Another in Raleigh, NC

Gaspar Del Monte has just open the 360 Painting franchise in Raleigh, NC. Gaspar has a deep sales background and is ready to provide high quality workmanship and customer service. Call 360° PAINTING at (866) 99-PAINT (72468) or Contact Us online for more information.