Ask a Toledo Painting Contractor: Which Paint Finish Should I Use?

white kitchen freshly painted by painting company in Toledo

After weeks of deliberation, you’ve decided to change up the color in your family room for a fresh new look. Or perhaps it’s the railings on your front porch that need a little TLC. But as you look at paint colors, you start to wonder which finish is right for the job. The painting contractors from 360° Painting® Toledo know which paint finish is best for any job you’re considering.

Understanding Paint Finishes

The finish, or sheen, of the paint you choose is just as important as picking the perfect color. Choosing the right finish can enhance your final result, and picking the wrong finish can lead to repainting earlier than should be necessary. So how do you make the right choice?

You may favor the look of one finish over another, but according to the painting contractors at 360° Painting Toledo, there are three main considerations to take into account when choosing a paint finish:

  1. Surface Texture: Walls with imperfections will benefit from a flat or matte finish that can help mask minor surface imperfections.
  2. Use of the Space: High traffic areas in need of frequent cleanups benefit from the durability of a semi-gloss, satin, or high-gloss finish.
  3. Natural Light Available: Flat finishes absorb light, while gloss finishes allow light to reflect and bounce around the room. Using a higher sheen paint in a room with low light can brighten and lighten the space.

Tips from the Painting Contractors at 360° Painting Toledo

Finding the right balance between the needs of your space and the look you prefer is the key to a stunning result. The painting contractors from 360° Painting Toledo can help you choose the paint finish that’s best for your project:

  • No Sheen: Flat or matte paints provide a dull, even finish. They hide minor imperfections and are the easiest finishes to touch up, but are the most difficult to clean and keep clean. Ideal for ceilings, foyers, home offices, adult bedrooms, and formal dining rooms.
  • Low Sheen: Eggshell, satin, silk, and low-luster are all low sheen paints. Because they are less porous than no sheen paints, they are easier to clean and keep clean, but they may highlight surface flaws. Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, kids’ bedrooms, and family rooms.
  • Medium Sheen: Semi-gloss, medium-gloss, and soft-gloss are all medium sheen paints. They are very durable and easy to clean, but have a higher sheen and can highlight every bump, brush, and roller mark. Ideal for doors, windows, and trim.
  • High Sheen: Gloss, high-gloss, and extra-gloss are all high sheen paints. They have a smooth, hard, non-porous surface that makes cleaning them a breeze, but they are very shiny. Ideal for front and back doors, furniture, windows, and trim.

The painting contractors from 360° Painting Toledo have years of experience when it comes to picking the right finish for the right job and we look forward to assisting you with your next project. Call our Toledo office today at (419)360-9121 for a free in-person consultation with one of our professional painting contractors.