Choosing an Exterior Painter in Tulsa

If you’re a Tulsa-area homeowner and you’re thinking of painting your home’s exterior, no decision on your project will be as important as choosing the right exterior painters. But that decision can be tough — especially if you don’t know what to look for when comparing Tulsa’s exterior painters.

At 360° Painting® Tulsa, nothing matters more to us than making sure that Tulsa homeowners come away from an exterior painting project fully satisfied. In keeping with that aim, we’ve put together a short list of qualities that you should look for when choosing an exterior painter in the Tulsa area.

1. Free, In-Person Exterior Painting Estimates

Any exterior painting company worth its salt will go above and beyond to give you the information you need before you sign on for a job. If a painting company tries to charge you for a quote or refuses to meet in person before you commit to a contract, that is a big red flag. Instead, Tulsa homeowners evaluating local exterior painters should expect a free, in-person consultation and written estimate from any painting company.

2. High-Quality Exterior Paints

Some painting companies and independent painting contractors try to cut corners by sourcing their paints from bargain manufacturers. This can lead to numerous issues, including: poor paint adhesion; inconsistent pigmentation; a streaky or gritty finish; premature peeling, bubbling, or chipping; and a host of other problems. Tulsa homeowners who are researching local exterior painters should ask detailed questions about the kinds of paints used by different companies to make sure those paints come from trusted brands.

3. A Proven Exterior Painting Process

When exterior painting is performed by inexperienced, rushed, or careless painters, the end results are almost always compromised. Poor prep work can lead to poor paint adhesion, causing paint to flake away prematurely. Meanwhile, careless application can result in drips, missed patches, or a translucent finish. To avoid these issues, Tulsa homeowners should ask exterior painters about their painting processes. Your painting company or contractor should have an exacting step-by-step process that they follow to deliver high-quality results.

4. Painters Trusted by Tulsa Homeowners

These days, it’s easier than ever to gauge the measure of a company you’re thinking of hiring. With a quick phone call or click of a button, you can easily reach out to past clients or pull up online reviews. At 360° Painting Tulsa, we’re proud of the many 5-star reviews our customers have left for us across online platforms like Google, Facebook, and HomeAdvisor. With our no-cost estimates, array of premium paints, and 19-step process for exterior painting, we hope you’ll give us a call for your next exterior painting project.

Use the “Schedule a FREE Estimate” button or call (918) 771-4177 today to connect with the exterior painters at 360° Painting Tulsa.