Color Tips & Tricks

We all know picking the right color can be extremely difficult, especially when the colors are going on your home. You may even be concerned that you will not like the color long term. Here are some free tools and tips from 360 painting to aid in that process.


  1. Color consultant- These people are great to know! They stay current on the times and trends that are going on year to year. They can also help you pick colors that go well together. This will make sure everything flows correctly throughout your home. That is why at 360 of Tulsa we offer a free one hour color consultant with Vogue Interior Designers with every project.
  2. Color Test- at 360 we partner with the best company in the industry. PPG has developed a quick test that will help you find your color palette. This will give you color tones that best suits your personality. You can go to this website and try it for free!
  3. Color Visualizer- Now that you have your color theme in mind you can test it out. You take a picture of your room. Then you upload it to the website. From there you can paint your room the color you want and see how it will look.

Tips for choosing paint

  1. Choose Paint color last.
  2. Think of a favorite rug or fabric you own. Often these objects are your favorites because they feature all the colors you like. Use the combinations as a guide to choosing colors for your wall.
  3. Don’t hold paint chips to walls. Hold your paint chips next to your furniture, flooring and window treatments to see how it will coordinate.

For more tips and advice reach out to us! We offer a free in home estimate! Print this article and receive 15% off your estimate.